Welcome to Chinon, a picturesque town in the Loire Valley, famous for its magnificent medieval fortress. Come and discover this architectural gem during your stay at our château hotel near Chinon.

Immerse yourself in French history by stayingin a Hôtel Château near Chinon

Experiencing French history has never been so fascinating as when staying at Château de Rochecotte, our Hôtel Château near Chinon. Located in the heart of the Loire Valley, this historic region is the cradle of the French Renaissance. Its sumptuous castles will take you back in time.

During your stay, you’ll discover the charm of a château hotel combining modern comfort with centuries-old heritage. The elegant, tastefully decorated rooms offer a unique, refined experience. The majestic formal gardens and winding waterways are the perfect backdrop for romantic strolls.

When you stay at Château de Rochecotte, you’ll be close to remarkable historic sites such as the royal fortress of Chinon, the home of Rabelais and the Chinon vineyards. Take the opportunity to visit the surrounding vineyards and taste the region’s world-renowned wines.

Immerse yourself in the past as you explore Chinon’s medieval streets, half-timbered houses and religious buildings. Don’t forget to savor Touraine’s gastronomy in traditional restaurants for an authentic culinary experience.

Your stay in a chateau hotel near Chinon will leave you with unforgettable memories and an unconditional love for the history and beauty of France.