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The hotel

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Park & Gardens

The terrace – The castle is adjoined by a long Italian-style terrace overhanging formal gardens with a dominating view of the Loire valley. With its pergola covered with wisterias and its pond of ornament, the place is magic and is ideal for a moment of intimacy or to organize a reception.

The park and the gardens – A magnificent 2 hundred year old cedar thrones in facade of the castle. The formal gardens of the castle of Rochecotte consist of four rectangles surrounded with young box trees. In the middle of these four sets dominate a hundred-year-old yew. These rectangles welcome flowers massifs, which bring a touch of color in the gardens.


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The castle and its history

Les soeurs Pasquier

The Pasquier Family

In 1984, Gérard Pasquier purchased the chateau. After 2 years of restoration, it was transformed into a luxury hotel. In 1986, the hotel opened its doors with 12 rooms and a restaurant.

The 3 Pasquier’s daughters spent their studies in the hotel trade and business administration. Emmanuelle, enthusiast of cooking, worked 3 years beside Thierry Marx. Her touch is recognized in the best restaurant guides today. Isabelle takes care of the hotel trade and the reception. Christelle, takes care of the management of the company and customer relation.

The trio are dedicated to improving the quality of service, and invest each year to offer the comfort and the services expected in a 4-star hotel. Today, the chateau hotel has 37 rooms ans is surrounded by 24 hectare of park and gardens.

Duchesse de Dino

The Duchess of Dino

The Duchess de Dino purchased Rochecotte in 1828. In 1805 she married Count Edmond of Talleyrand Périgord on the authorities of her uncle Talleyrand and with the support of the Tzar of Russia.

In spite of the presence in the home of three children: Napoleon-Louis, Alexandre and Pauline, the marriage was never united, and after Pauline’s birth, it is the definitive break up. Dorothée became a blooming woman.

Duchess de Dino made everything to make the stays at Rochecotte charming. The furniture contains a refined choice of, paintings, portraits, chandeliers and valuable furniture and the comfort is not forgotten there.

Prince de Talleyrand

The Prince of Talleyrand

Rochecotte for Talleyrand, has the charm of the constant presence of his niece. ” I like it a lot, he writes. The life which we lead here, the air which we inhale there, politics so far away, everything suits me there and especially because I am not only with Madam de Dino there, but at her home.”

Finally, Talleyrand finds to Rochecotte Pauline’s delicious presence, daughter of Dorothée, whom he calls “his dear Kitten “, and which he says is the angel of the house.

Photos personnages emblématiques

Emblematic Characters

The Duchess of Dino was happy to welcome to Rochecotte, men of letters, journalists and the great leaders of political parties.

Honoré de Balzac was received there several times, when he went from Tours to Saumur.

Among politicians, Adolphe Thiers was the most frequently received. Other political figures were also received, such as François-Auguste Mignet, Armand Carrel, Victor de Broglie…

Abbot Dupanloup blessed the chapel of the Château de Rochecotte on November 12, 1841.

On June 24, 1934, Emilio Terry, architect, bought the castle and restored and decorated it in his own style.

Discover the castle

The lounges

The lounge and the library Napoleon III  In blackened pear wood and inlay of nets of brass. It shelters numerous works, including the columns of Duchess de Dino, and alcoholic cellar.

The lounge Dino – Charming oval sitting room, with a view of gardens. Completely panelled, its walls are decorated with reproductions of paints representing courteous scenes in french gardens.

The lounge Wood – Beautiful lounge with fireplace, where bar and piano bring a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Dining Room

Dining room

Talleyrand Lounge – Oriented at the same time in facade, and on French gardens. Its walls are panelled and dressed in silks of Tours. The ceiling is painted of four allegories, inspired by Tiepolo, painter of the 18th century, realized by François Pagé. Ideal place to organize a family meal, with a capacity of more than 80 clutery and a direct access on the terrace.

Swans’ dining room – With a beautiful height under ceiling of more than five meters, it is furnished with a big glass contemporary table, the base of which is established by two wooden swans sculptured.

Dino Lounge – For an intimate dinner of about fifteen people, with a view of formal gardens. Very bright, its walls are completely panelled. This room also possesses an old one earthenware stove, very elegant.

The chapel

The chapel built in 1838 after the prince of Talleyrand’s death, instead of its former apartments.
His facade is decorated with a portico in the classic art, and topped with a frieze of sculptured biblical paintings. The whole is surmounted of a small bell tower. The inside, very decorated, is lit by a glass dome. This oratory was blessed by abbot Dupanloup on November 12th, 1841.

Vin de Bourgueil du Château de Rochecotte

The wine of the castle

Wine of protected designation of origin “Bourgueil”: the vineyards of Rochecotte are situated to Saint Patrice, on a hillside. Our wine is converted into wine in the domain of the Mound to Bourgueil. Manual grape harvest, the wine is raised in barrel during one year then bottled in October.

The first vintage wine is the 2007, circle is pleasant; he is appreciated from his exit. Followed by the 2008 and 2009, in the more complex aromas, and finally the 2015, the magnificent vintage wine with very beautiful aromas and a beautiful concentration, big potential of keeping.


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