Rated the 4th most beautiful zoo in the world and located 1 hour from Château de Rochecotte, Parc de Beauval is a 44-hectare zoological park with over 10,000 animals.

Visit the Beauval ZooStay at our Château Hôtel in the Loire Valley

Beauval Zoo, located in the heart of the Loire Valley, is much more than just a zoo. It’s a real immersion in the world’s biodiversity, featuring over 10,000 animals of 800 species. Visitors can discover giant pandas, the only one of their kind in France, koalas, white lions and Siberian tigers.

The establishment is recognized for its commitment to species conservation.

The Zoo offers a grandiose spectacle where nature reigns supreme, with spacious enclosures adapted to the animals’ well-being. Visit the Zoo during your stay in our château hotel in the Loire Valley.

Animal du Zoo de Beauval