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The Duchess de Dino had this superb chapel built in tribute to Talleyrand after his death in 1838. It was built in 1840 on the site of Talleyrand’s flats and the altar was built in the exact place of his bed.

The Duchess had this place blessed by Abbé Dupanloup on 12 November 1841, the man who received the prince’s recantation a few hours before his last breath.

The facade, sculpted with various statues, has an antique-style portico with the inscription “Virgini Fideli”, which can be translated as “Faithful Virgin”.

It is surmounted by a frieze of biblical paintings also carved into the wall of the chapel. A small bell tower with bells dominates the whole.

Colonnes extérieures de la façade de la Chapelle

The interior is equally splendid and warm and can accommodate up to 40 people. There are all kinds of mouldings, ornaments, statues, columns and marbled work, illuminated by a magnificent glass dome. Above the altar was a painting of the Madonna of St. Sixtus, a gift from the King of Saxony to Talleyrand in gratitude for his intervention in preventing the annexation of Saxony by Prussia.

Today, this place steeped in history continues to welcome many visitors and weddings are celebrated here.