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Located on the Italian terrace with its large golden wooden doors, its white freestone, its statues draped and its bell tower at the top, the chapel of the Château de Rochecotte, witness of the past, dominates the Valley of the Kings.

The Duchess of Dino had this chapel erected in 1840 in homage to the Prince of Talleyrand who died in 1838. Formerly destined for an ecclesiastical career, the prince of Talleyrand chose to lead a secular life, thus occupying positions of political power for most of his life. A man of spirit and lover of pleasures, the Prince of Talleyrand was deprived of his functions by the church because of his marriage. The Duchess de Dino and her daughter Pauline de Castellane worked with the church to have Talleyrand reinstated.

Portrait Talleyrand
Chapelle ancienne photographie

The duchess had this place blessed by Abbé Dupanloup on November 12, 1841, who had received the prince’s retraction a few hours before his last breath.

The chapel is located on the site of the Prince’s old apartments and the altar was built on the exact spot of his bed. On the doors, one finds the stained glass windows representing the coat of arms of the Talleyrand Périgord family (represented by eagles) and those of the Courlande (represented by lions).

The facade, sculpted with various statues, has an antique-style portico with the inscription “Virgini Fideli” and is topped by a frieze biblical paintings engraved in stone. On either side of the doors are two Ionic columns and two biblical statues. The interior also splendid and neat, can accommodate 35 people.

There are all kinds of mouldings, ornaments, statues, columns and marbles, lit by a magnificent glass dome. It includes portraits of the 4 Saints of the Gospels: Saint-Marc, Saint-Matthieu, Saint-Jean and Saint-Luc. At the time, above the altar was placed a painting of the Madonna of Saint-Sixte, a gift from the King of Saxony to Talleyrand, in gratitude for his intervention preventing the annexation of Saxony by Prussia.

La Chapelle du Château de Rochecotte -Lieu unique proche de Tours - La Chapelle du Château de Rochecotte - Hôtel de luxe à proximité de Tours