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Duchesse de Dino

It all began with the Duchess of Dino, Countess of Talleyrand Périgord, who bought this jewel in the Loire Valley in 1824. Smart and wealthy, she carried out numerous renovations and furnished it with taste alongside the Prince of Talleyrand, with whom she shared a passionate relationship. Far from Parisian society, the Duchess created a cocoon of elegance at the Château de Rochecotte, where chic and modernity were combined in her image.

A few years later, the castle passed to his daughter, the Marquise Pauline de Castellane, who lived there until her death. Her son, Antoine de Castellane, bequeathed the castle to his four sons in 1917. The most famous of them, Bonni de Castellane, a famous dandy of the beautiful time married to the rich American Anna Gould, celebrated a sumptuous and memorable three-day party to celebrate his marriage.

Boni de Castellane
Emilio Terry - Salvador Dali

In 1934, Emilio Terry, a renowned, innovative and very talented interior designer, bought the castle from his brother-in-law, Stanislas de Castellane. Emilio Terry devoted 35 years of his life to restoring and decorating Rochecotte with the greatest care. He then bequeathed the estate to his grand-nephew, Count Henri de Castellane, who never lived there. The estate remained closed and abandoned for many years… But as every story has a continuation, here is chapter 2…


It was a second time  the story of three sisters united by the same passion… It all began in 1983 during a country outing in the Loire Valley. During a stopover in a charming little village called Saint-Patrice, the Pasquier family, curious, ventured into an estate that looked like it had been frozen in time. They immediately fell in love with this imposing and majestic building hidden behind so much greenery where time seemed to have stopped. A crazy idea entered the young and adventurous minds of our three sisters “the dream place for a hotel…”. After months of work and training to imagine many crazy projects, the castle finally regained its former splendour. Nicole and Gérard Pasquier, the sisters’ parents, devoted 30 years of their lives to accompanying our three sisters in this crazy epic.

Chapelle ancienne photographie

As the story unfolds, our funny ladies with complementary characters end up finding their place in this project. The eldest, Emmanuelle Pasquier, became passionate about gastronomy and took on the role of head chef. Today, Emmanuelle’s cuisine is referenced and honours local and seasonal products for the love of taste. Isabelle Pasquier, the youngest daughter, with a keen eye for decoration, was put in charge of the accommodation and customer relations. Isabelle knows how to receive guests and has been welcoming them with the same warmth for 30 years. Finally, Christelle Brosset, the youngest daughter with a determined character, took on the management of the business. A perfectionist at heart, Christelle works on the excellence of this château with the same passion.

Sœurs Pasquier

The castle is now a 4-star establishment with a gourmet restaurant, sumptuous formal gardens and a swimming pool, all overlooked by an Italian-style terrace and a majestic wood that is ideal for bucolic walks.


Jardin à la française du Château de Rochecotte
Château de Rochecotte

The third generation is coming and the story is far from over. Come and write the rest with us !

“This is where I grew up, I know every corner of this castle ; its atmosphere, its woods, its hiding places…it was at Rochecotte that it all began, this castle is part of me.” Carla B.