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Proud of our regional gastronomic heritage, we have concocted a best-seller of our best local nuggets salty and sweet to delight your taste buds!

Rillettes of Tours

A must of Touraine gastronomy, do not leave the region without tasting it ! The secret of these wonders lies in the use of pieces of noble meat long cooked in pork fat and flavored with wine. The rillettes of Tours are a specialty labeled «Protected Geographical Indication» (PGI).

We will meet you at our must-see Touraine charcutier «Maison Hardouin» to taste this Touraine speciality.

Rillons of Tours

These charcuteries are ideal at the time of the aperitif to taste warm or cold are a speciality in their own right of the Val de Loire Centre. These are small pieces of pork breast with a slightly salty taste and tender flesh cooked at high temperature, in lard, for several hours.

To savour them, head to «Le Petit Patrimoine» which has been cooking authentic products for you for thirty years now.

L’andouillette de porc

A classic of Touraine charcuterie, this pork sausage will seduce many. Made from tripe and strung in a natural pork casing, our Tourangelle andouillette is cooked very gently in a broth flavored with Vouvray. Unlike the one in Lyon, our andouillette is made up of thicker and less chopped pieces flavored with Vouvray (local appellation), all accompanied by a mustard sauce to make the whole.
Head to Tours center, in the restaurant «Le Twistin» to taste this classic of our Touraine charcuterie.

The Fromage de chèvre : Sainte Maure de Touraine

Typical of our region, you can recognize it thanks to its straw ! Composed of a fine bluish ashy dress revealing a creamy paste with fruity nuances, melting or tender according to your preference you can taste it on a piece of bread, in a whisk or even alone !

Head to the Capri’Scieuses cheese dairy to discover more.

Nougat of Tours 

To finish in style, let yourself be tempted by our nougat de Tours. Nothing to do with the traditional nougat known and recognized for its honeyed paste and almonds, it is a delicious cake composed of a shortbread paste filled with apricot marmalade and candied fruits all covered with a macaronade.

To taste the nougat that has received the gold medal of the 2022 contest of the best nougat of Tours made by the pastry chef Jérôme Reboussin. Go to Tours in the best bakery of the region : «Les blés de Demain».


The winemaker’s pie

Renowned in Chinon, the winemaker’s pie is a delicious apple pie candied with Touraine red wine. Find it individually, for four, six and up to eight people at the Ayrole Pastry Shop.

Having become the local specialty of Chinon, this pastry is found on the tourist circuit of the city, as well as the royal fortress of Chinon and the tourist cellars located around the city.

Market of Langeais 

For the curious, head to Langeais to discover our Halles every Sunday from 8am to 1pm.

One of the most popular in Indre-et-Loire, with no annual closures, is an opportunity to meet our local producers and their know-how.