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Le vin du Château

Did you know that? Château de Rochecotte has Cabernet Franc vines in Saint Patrice. Typical of Touraine, our vines grow on a clay-limestone soil (fine-grained micaceous or sandy chalk, white or cream coloured) which gives wines known as “tuffeau”. It should be noted that tuffeau is the rock that was used to build the famous châteaux of the region.

When the harvest season approaches, the manual harvesting technique is used. Our wine is then matured in barrels by the renowned winegrower, Jacky BLOT, for one year, and then bottled in October, at the Domaine de la Butte in Bourgueil. It is therefore an AOC Bourgueil wine.

Our AOC Bourgueil is perfectly balanced. This is due in particular to the southern exposure of the vines, which brings out the flavours of discreet tannins but subtly accompanied by slightly spicy aromas, raspberry and sometimes violet.

The first vintage of 2007 has a very pleasant roundness in the mouth. The 2008 and 2009 vintages that followed were also very enjoyable with more complex flavours. The 2015 is a magnificent vintage, with beautiful aromas and a nice concentration in the mouth and above all a great potential for ageing. And finally, the 2017 vintage knows very well how to awaken your taste buds.